Colorful Strata

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Mirit Ben Nun

Curator: Sol Lenzini

Opening: 14/02/09  Closing: 09/05/2009

Colorful Strata - Mirit Ben Nun


Mirit Ben Nun creates personal and authentic patterns and forms. The geometrical decorations are very colorful, evolving from the forms that appear and disappear within the density of their surrounding complementary forms. These forms seem to emerge from their own inertia, driven by a deep need for endless repetition of line, dot or model, in a steady rhythm that creates complex compositions. 

Interview with Mirit - Israeli TV

The shapes seem to emerge from their own inertia, from a state of dreamtime, which is a state of creation in Aboriginal culture. This perception of creation is based on the memory of the origins of life. All forms of creation, from stars, through humans, to insects, share an awareness of the power of creation. Every one of these wonderful creatures, in its own unique way, reflects the overall pattern of awareness. The art of Australian natives reflects a belief in this ethos. In the Eastern cultures of Tibet and India, in African cultures and in Native American cultures, paintings of colorful dance have been painted as a means of self-reflection and meditation. 

Mirit's paintings are born of the state of dreamtime or another meditative state. Every event, activity or process of life occuring in front of her eyes carve her awareness. Her use of forms and patterns, some known and some less familiar, reflect a wholeness of spiritual being, deep self-observation, observation of the surrounding universe, breaking of rules and stepping beyond the boundaries. All of this allows Mirit Ben Nun to create her own world of art.